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Have a good flight! See you Wednesday! :D

wait do you not get to orlando till wednesday????? bummer!

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TJ Hammond - Political Animals S01E01 Pilot PART V
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Fully packed and my outfit for tomorrow has been selected. Now I just gotta wait… In Twelve hours I’ll be in the air… LeakyCon here I come.

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Aladdin + scenery

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god bless sdcc

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please enjoy my massive tattoo photoset

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I apparently sat it like a champ (I’m really glad how everyone told me that because I thought I was gonna have to ask Nikki to stop all the time but I didn’t even come close to crying and I only made the odd goat noise when she went over my spine or my shoulder blade!!!)

I love the sparkles, and the colors are going to look bright and great when it heals up, and the placement is perfect, and I’m really happy!!!

Thanks for doing such a great job, Nikki!!!

This is a wonderful tattoo, omg… There are so many creative Marauders tattoos in the world

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mkmonster replied to your post “My flight leaves for Orlando in thirty four hours. I can’t wait and my…”

I know the feeling! I’m just here like sjdhvsdkjvhlksdjhv.

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT BUT ALSO NERVES. SO MUCH NERVOUS FEELING IT’S NOT OKAY. but also YAY FRIENDS! I am so ready to be with all my potter friends again!

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My flight leaves for Orlando in thirty four hours. I can’t wait and my stomach hurts from nerves and I just wanna be packed and gone already! Can’t wait to see everyone again!!!

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the worst thing about tumblr is that you read all those pro feminist/anti rape/anti misogyny posts all the time everyday and then you actually go outside and talk to a random guy and it feels like being punched in the face with a chair

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Do you trust me now?


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6500 people sing for Daniel Radcllffe at the 2014 SDCC x

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packs 2 hours before leaving for a trip

unpacks 3 months after coming home

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